Christmas Reunion Dinner 2009 圣诞聚餐


Annual Christmas Dinner 2009 held on the following schedules;
Venue : Tony Roma's, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Date : 19th December 2009, Saturday
Time : 7.00 pm
Theme : Red, White, Blue or Green in apparel
Ambience : 4-star
Taste of food : 4.5-star
Worth for money : 4-star

The moment we have been waiting for has finally comes. Before we kick off, special thanks to Sammy who managed to join us in last minute although she just gave birth of her 2nd baby boy a month ago. Congratulations! We were indeed worries about fewer turnouts but at last we have 6-pax in total.

We have heard so much about Tony Roma's by their name; Ribs, Seafood and Steaks and decided to dining here since last year. These American franchise western restaurants are easily located in major shopping malls where their first outlet in Malaysia is at Sunway Pyramid.

By tradition, we will have our photography session in Concourse area while waiting for the rest.

Pictures taken at Concourse area in Sunway Pyramid before the dinner where stage is clearing up for us to perform next. Naw... just after caroling performance.

My knowledge of this restaurant ranges from its origins to its huge servings in steaks and ribs. What we did is we shared some of the bottomless drinks and the waitress never bothers to stop us. Who dare huhh! With lots of variety in the menu, we took more than 20 minutes to decide our choices. Fortunately, the same waitress that attended to us for the evening was special patient and helpful in explaining everything to us in details.

The lights in the restaurant were quite dim but the laid-back atmosphere encourages relaxed dining. Luckily we'd booked a place where located at the private corner with open view to Lagoon. I did not manage to catch a nice shot. Perhaps I still can’t get used of my new camera. So, I’ll let the pictures to do the talking here and see how delicious the foods and fun we had for the night… mouth-watering and yummilicious!

(L) : Complimentary garlic breads with TR's signature sauce and Mentos sweets. (R) : BBQ 1/2 chicken served with your choice of two side items, broccoli and Roma salad.

(L) Rib Combo Dinner; Bountiful Beef Ribs and 6 oz. Tony's Sirloin served with mashed and baked potatoes. (R) Steak Combo Dinner; 6 oz. Tony's Sirloin and South Miami Fried Shrimp served with corn and broccoli.

(L) Grilled Pacific Cod with TR's signature Kickin' source served with broccoli and baked potato. (R) Shrimp Scampi Pasta lightly sauteed with garlic, fresh basil, tomato pesto and a hint of chipotle.

From the pictures we can see the serving was not too large, in fact we were quite full after the meals. Overall the food was good and I love it that we can actually make our own choice when it comes to side dishes, no more oily and filling fries for me! Apparently, they have 4 types of BBQ sauces ranging from original BBQ sauce, smoked BBQ sauce, honey BBQ sauce and hot BBQ sauce to add on your taste of food. Thats why we all managed to finish it like never be eaten before, look at their 'guarantee satisfaction' faces! Oh my my...

Oh it while its hot. Cut, twist, bend, bite for the taste. Some of  the eating actions caught on camera.

They are actually not a 'big eater' but you will be stunned by seeing these pictures! Braaahh...


Rib lickin' good and we can't resist it... mamamia.

 (L) Mummy, I need more... (R) It's free refills, I better drink as much as I could.

After having a hefty meal, we got complimentary warm towels at the end of our meal. Despite finishing such huge portions of our main meals, we couldn’t have more for our desire desserts. However, indulge in Tony’s Dessert Trio where we can sample three delicious mini desserts at one time which are good for sharing and allows us to finish our meal in grand style. We had 2 sets for a choice of Apple Cranberry Tart, Raspberry Brownie Royale, Carrot Cake, Cookie Sundae, Ice Cream Cream Puff and Strawberry Shortcake Sundae. Sounds tempting huhh? Plus, it is all FREE! Tell you what, we really couldn't filled up at that time!

(L) Colourful Tony's Dessert Trio only available during Christmas session. (R) Hardly resist for the girls, marking and ready.

Although on this year's Christmas, we didn't prepare any games as before but we always having fun as usual. From foods' comments, gossiping to exchange gifts, laughters and complaints can be heard all night. What about when the most wanted section of the night, exchange gifts' ceremony which leads us uncontrolled every year and thats not a big deal of being ourselves when we gather together. One more matter to shout out here is that I was the lucky draw winner who won a magnetic Christmas display, gotcha!

See how excited and creative we are with our individual postings!

Overall, this place is probably a direct competitor to the likes of T.G.I. Fridays, San Francisco Steakhouse and Victoria Station. Which one is better would really be up to the individual. Tony Roma’s is definitely not bad, and if you’re looking for food of this genre and because most of the outlets are located in shopping centers then, it might be a convenient place to try.

(L) Group photo with all the mystery Christmas presents before 'disaster' ceremony. (R) Our sweet ladies with TR's charming staff; Kelly.

Wow, time really does fly by when we are having fun and I'm starting to love this place already. Good foods, nice service, romantic ambience, what more could we ask for? Ermm, the bill perhaps?? Haha... We are getting more mature every second, it is always awake me of being a happy person and move forward for our destiny. Christmas doesn't mean for games or gifts, but your presence and sharing would be the present to everyone of us. For those who just missed out this event, hey dont worry we will still catch up with you next year with more fun and excitement. Till then,  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010!

(L) Posting after the gifts' exchange ceremony. (R) Cute and memorable presents most talk abouts.

Wait wait, how could I missed out this important part to thank you folks for coming to cheer up such a wonderful evening and also who work behind the scene. Looking forward to seeing all of you again in 2010. You know it will be treasured in my heart, locked and sealed forever.

Final posting before leaving Tony Roma's at the front desk and roaring in style.

MV Nobody by Wonder Girls

For those who have been to Simon Cabaret show in Phuket, Thailand, I am sure you guys familiar with this music video; Nobody by Wonder Girls. It caught me to attention when watching the girls' performance on stage with their cute dance movement and rhythm. I was looking for this song title for a while and finally I managed to find it when passing through a video shop.

This song was originally from a Korean girl group and receiving an unexpected response from all over the world. The Wonder Girls, five teenage sensations were formed on 2007 and brought together by Jin-Young Park after his tremendous success with the superstar Rain. Lets watch their funky movements from this english version video clip. You may listern to original Korean track on my music tune gadget column.