So Long Co-workers 离别的回忆

Today, 13th September is the end of my journey in this Company for duration of 3-year, this is a desperate and hardest decision but has to be made without alternative choices. As people say, there is always a beginning and ended for a reason. I couldn't imagine it ends this way, no compliant but leave it or take it.

We have very well equipped office facilities which are sufficient for our usage, freedom of movement and cozy environment to work with in this Company. Of coz, we had arguments and tough moments among us but that’s reality in working life.

Well, indeed I missed all of you who ever left before and stay after me. Thank you for those who were being supportive when you are needed. My apologies go to whom I believe had made you mad abouts but nothing personal. For now, here are some of our joyful moments in several occasions together. I shall start with my new pathway and adventure. Good luck guys! (Kucilik sekalian, jangan terhegeh-hegeh, nanti mama marah tahu!)


Lunch at Tupai-Tupai Restaurant & Cafe @ Jalan Bukit Petaling, KL.

Celebration of opening new operation office in KL.

 Nor's farewell & breaking fast buffet dinner at Renaissance KL Hotel. 

 Breaking fast buffet dinner at Di-Atas Brasserie, The Legend Hotel, KL. 

 Farewell party for our loving CEO, Mr Wang (L). 

 Group of birthday boys & girls (Oct - Jan) in conference room.

 Farewell party for Aini & Ninie. 

Our beloved Ninie (in white sweater) & Ms Tam (R).

The End.