My B-day 我的大日子

I had a little pre-birthday lunch celebration with my best old friends at this new place; the Waterlily on 31st October, Saturday and thinking to note down this special event as part of my life journey. Oh Yeaa…it was Halloween day too! Infact, I’d decided this place after discussing with my birthday partner; Sammy from a blogger’s recommendation and thought we should give it a try.

The Waterlily, actually is a quiet restaurant resides in the IOI Business Park just across IOI Mall which located at the busiest LDP road in Puchong. Funny thing though, although I’ve been traveling along Puchong very often, I didn’t realise that this restaurant was there all the while until I spotted it out from internet.

All of us arrived in the afternoon at 2.00 pm with casual outfits. The best part was we manage to park our cars for free right in front of the restaurant like a valet service! The dining area is separated to garden open air concept and inside the premises itself. With high humidity in noon and annoying cars passing noise from the main road, sitting outside wasn’t a good idea. However, there are only ceiling fans operating inside the premise area but it wasn’t too bad. Well, guest it is Balinese style of dining.

Upon entering to the restaurant, none of the customers were there until we paid up our bill, so it is a good spot for us to get together and laugh ourselves out as we usually do. The cashier’s wall is fully hung with various newspaper articles recommending this restaurant and Balinese paint works as well. Their menus are mainly divided into light snacks, mixed grills, nasi lemak and Malaysian favourite desserts like cendol, ABC etc. One thing to mention here, they are really great in Balinese barbeque stuff. Steaks basically are prepared in Balinese style, similar to those in Bumbu Bali, another Bali oriented restaurant that serves excellent western foods which believe is a sister company commented by some bloggers.

Nasi Lemak with BBQ chicken and Balinese style BBQ lamb.

As common practice, we were in difficulty of choosing our preferences with variety food offered. We had kicked off with fresh fruits juice and strawberry ice blended drinks while chef taking time to prepare for our main courses. Orange juice for WSL and CL were much too sweet and water being added to naturalise the taste. Our main courses for the day were BBQ in chicken (SL ½ bird & CL ¼ bird), lamb (AK), fish fillet (SY), salmon (WLS) and nasi lemak chicken for my own.

Balinese style BBQ 1/2 bird chicken and BBQ fish fillet.

Although I can feel some of us feeling moody and tiring, but I was grateful that everyone satisfied with the food presented as it tasted great and a bit large in proportion, the grilled chunks of baked potato wedges accompanying the dish were delicious and unique. It is all marinated the Balinese style and grilled to perfection. All dishes were served with coleslaw, slice of watermelon and lime that can guess have added up the wonderful fragrant. The brown gravy tasted great as well and thick, but lacked in amount (just a small cup). It is quite filling by the time we finish the main course and follow up with the birthday cake my buddies bought for us from outside makes us finding ways to hide our bloating tummy.

Balinese style BBQ salmon and BBQ 1/4 bird chicken.

Overall the food are delicious and is worth going if you haven’t been there before, the food served definitely is worth what you paid for. Ambience is great for get-togethers. Words have it that it is an excellent place for close friends to hang out and for couples to enjoy a romantic evening. The atmosphere during night time believing is gentle and warm, dim lighting and candle with waterlily on the table create a relaxing and romantic feeling throughout the establishment. I personally do enjoy their setting with wooden furniture and greenery atmosphere. Our gathering ended about 4.00pm with heavy stomach.

Boys and girls, before and after.

Thanks go to everyone who reminded that I’m one year older. You guys are awesome! For me it’s just another day, but getting to know that you are being care and loved is the greatest thing in life. Cheers!



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