Farewell to Leaf 小业的告别聚会

A group of us make our way to Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng on 25 January 2011 to farewell Leaf who undergone for work abroad somewhere in London, UK on 6 February. I have heard about this ‘expensive’ restaurant and finally I got this opportunity to experience myself.

Eventually, dining out in KL city centre is grumpy and hassle to get there especially after working hour. At this time, it was not about the traffic but my works keep me hanging in last minute which I though I couldn't make it. However, I managed to attend this gathering but it was a bit late about 8.30pm where all of them already finished with their meals and drinks.

 Whoa...looks like photo taken in a rich house huhh.

Fullhouse is exceptionally convivial and pleasant with KLCC view. It was a bungalow originated which converted to restaurant and resemble in different spaces like dining, bedroom, bathroom, courtyard, etc. and the uniqueness is the concept will make you feel like being back in European home. Some more free jockey parking is provided. Wow… since when we have been upgraded to this level.

Pleasing to the eyes, senses and palates with whitely in colour is a truly novel experience and comic menu strips are something cute. It creates the perfect atmosphere for any individual to sit, read a book, meet new people, have some coffee or simply hang out. Besides offer the taste of fusion foods, this outlet also a boutique that sells item such as clothing, jewellery, portrait frames, key chains, accessories and much others girly stuff.

I tend to think that most themed restaurants would rely on hype and glamorous rather than good food. It comes to my surprise when the food was by no means a dreadful meal, but much of it was mediocre. Most of the dishes seem not in large portion but the plates and with this prices in KL region is kind of acceptable.

Make yourself at home ya.

Obviously I brought along my camera but it was too late for me to snap the dishes we had. With the presence of Leaf's Canon 60D camera, I shall keep away my 'tiny' camera and let the ‘delighting you always’ took all the shots after my meal. It was great which you can hang around and snap lots of photo inside the premises in different angles.

Different spots of deco spaces.

Since everyone has to work tomorrow and good time always never stay, the gathering ended about 10.30pm. Overall, we had fun gossiping and enjoyed the ambience of this restaurant. Well, to Leaf, this farewell will be different from previous as he has to adopt stylist working culture after all. So long from all of us here and may God bless you.


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