Fern + Loke Are Getting Married 芬+智结婚了

Today, Saturday 7th May 2011 is a special day make for our newlyweds; Fern and Loke, who are now pronoun as husband and wife. A christian wedding ceremony was conducted in KL Church this morning with much joy and celebrations. Participation of over 200 friends and family relatives of the bride and the groom helps to add joy to the wedding celebrations .

The newlywed couple signs the register and the ceremony comes to an end with the final blessings of the Pastor. Towards the end, they walk down the aisle arm in arm, starting a new life together is exciting and they lived happily ever after...

The guests shower their blessings on the newlywed couple during photography session. Finally, the guests are then served catering with plenty of foods at the wedding reception in the hall. Congratulations & best wishes to this funny couple!

We just married!


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