Kia Rondo vs Chery Tiggo

Another similar range of SUVs available in local industry. After sourcing those automobile companies i.e. Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Renault, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Peugeot, Nissan, Volkswagen etc, these are the final four (including yesterday's posting) which best described with priced under RM100K. Give me a buzz here if you got something to say.

Model : Kia Citra II Rondo 2.0L EXS (A/T)
Engine : DOHC CVVT
Transmission : 4-speed automatic, sports mode
Max. output : 106.3 kW/6,000 rpm
Max. torque : 189 Nm/4,250 rpm
Dimensions : 4,545mm length x 1,800mm width x 1,720mm height
Minimum turning radius : unknown
Tyres : 205/60R16
Gross vehicle weight : 1,636 kg
Fuel tank capacity : 55 litres
Seating capacity : 7 persons
Price : RM90,844 (On-The-Road price with insurance)

Model : Chery Tiggo SUV 2.0L (A/T)
Transmission : 4-speed automatic, dual shift
Max. output : 102 kW/5,750 rpm
Max. torque : 182 Nm/4,300 rpm
Dimensions : 4,285mm length x 1,765mm width x 1,715mm height
Minimum turning radius : 5.50 m
Tyres : 235/60R16
Gross vehicle weight : 1,750 kg
Fuel tank capacity : 57 litres
Seating capacity : 5 persons
Price : RM89,888 (On-The-Road price with insurance)


Topdeck - Contiki - Cosmos said...

Forget about Chery Tiggo, terrible interior workmanship. Now even less RM10K!

Kia Rondo; road tax high

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